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Number of Students in a Local Education Agency At Risk Program who Earned High School Course Credits - 90 Days After Exit: 2012-13 1

The total statewide number of students who earned transferrable high school course credits within 90 days of exiting a local education agency at risk program. [More about...]

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State Sort states in alphabetical ascending orderSort states in alphabetical descending order Value Sort states by data element value in ascending orderSort states by data element value in descending order
National  5304
US 5304
Alabama  n<
AL n<
Alaska  n<
AK n<
Arizona  33
AZ 33
ArkansasA  -
AR -
CaliforniaB  -
CA -
Colorado  n<
CO n<
CT †
DE †
District of Columbia 
DC †
Florida  2593
FL 2593
GA †
HI †
Idaho  -
ID -
IL †
IN †
IA †
KS †
Kentucky  372
KY 372
Louisiana  72
LA 72
ME †
Maryland  n<
MD n<
Massachusetts  -
MA -
Michigan  161
MI 161
MN †
MS †
Missouri  n<
MO n<
Montana  -
MT -
NE †
NevadaD  -
NV -
New Hampshire  n<
NH n<
New Jersey 
NJ †
New Mexico  -
NM -
New York 
NY †
North Carolina 
NC †
North Dakota 
ND †
OH †
OklahomaE  0
OK 0
OregonF  -
OR -
PA †
Puerto Rico 
PR †
Rhode Island 
RI †
South Carolina 
SC †
South DakotaG  326
SD 326
TN †
TX †
UT †
VT †
Virginia  436
VA 436
Washington  552
WA 552
West Virginia  47
WV 47
WI †
Wyoming  712
WY 712

this symbol means not applicable.
- this symbol means data value was not available.
n< this symbol means that the data have been suppressed.
# this symbol means data value rounds to zero.
this symbol means reporting standards not met.
1 Description: The total statewide number of students who earned transferrable high school course credits within 90 days of exiting a local education agency at risk program.; Academic Year: 2012-13; Grade: N/A; Note: The total statewide number of students who earned high school course credits within 90 days of exiting a local education agency at risk program. This is an unduplicated count of students. If students earned more than one course credit, they would still only be counted one time. An at risk program targets students who are at risk for academic failure, have a drug or alcohol problem, are pregnant or parenting, have been in contact with the juvenile justice system in the past, are at least 1 year behind the expected age/grade level, have limited English proficiency, aer gang members, have dropped out of school in the past, or have a high absenteeism rate at school. A dash (-) indicates that the data are missing or not available. The symbol "n <" indicates that the data has been suppressed due to a small count. A "†" symbol means not applicable.; Source: EDFacts/Consolidated State Performance Report, 2012-13:; Data Uploaded On: 10/10/2014 

AR: Arkansas law and/or DHS policy and procedures do not allow facilities and their personnel to track students/clients upon their departure; if students have a personal relationship with the workers, they will follow-up with the worker.
CA: Data collected in SY 2012-13 cannot be separated out by In Facility and Within 90 days After Exit. As such, all outcome data have been reported in In Facilities column. The data collection has been amended for SY 13-14 to collect outcomes In Facility separate from Within 90 Days After Exit.
KS: Any data that is reported after exit will either come from students that have re-enrolled in a Kansas school or from information that was volunteered to the facilities.
NV: Where no data is reported the state is prohibited by law to have any contact after exiting the program.
OK: Oklahoma does not have the ability to track student data upon exit at this time.
OR: LEAs have been inconsistent in being able to collect transitional data following a student's exit from the facility. We are providing additional training on this data set. Furthermore, ODE is revising its collection tool to acquire data that is missing. The out-of-range figure of 801 is an aggregate of both Juvenile Corrections and Juvenile Detention data reported by LEAs. Juvenile Detention data has been included into the data for Juvenile Corrections. The data for Other Programs was erroneously entered.
SD: In South Dakota, youth 14 years of age and older may be enrolled in job training courses and may be employed. LEAs where the students in the facilities are returning to another school or placement in their service area are able to track the students. Also, if the student goes to a new placement or to another LEA and that facility requests the transfer of records, the LEA/facility is able to collect enrollment data for the new placement. LEAs are not able to track other information.