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Total Number of Homeless Students Enrolled in LEAs with or without McKinney-Vento Subgrants - Total: 2013-14 1

The total unduplicated statewide number of homeless students who were enrolled in public schools in local education agencies (LEAs). [More about...]

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National View trend line for National 1,360,747
US 1,360,747
Alabama View trend line for Alabama 19,266
AL 19,266
Alaska View trend line for Alaska 3,934
AK 3,934
Arizona View trend line for Arizona 29,763
AZ 29,763
Arkansas View trend line for Arkansas 11,180
AR 11,180
California View trend line for California 310,002
CA 310,002
Colorado View trend line for Colorado 23,681
CO 23,681
Connecticut View trend line for Connecticut 2,964
CT 2,964
Delaware View trend line for Delaware 4,351
DE 4,351
District of Columbia View trend line for District of Columbia 3,772
DC 3,772
Florida View trend line for Florida 71,244
FL 71,244
Georgia View trend line for Georgia 37,963
GA 37,963
Hawaii View trend line for Hawaii 2,634
HI 2,634
Idaho View trend line for Idaho 6,447
ID 6,447
Illinois View trend line for Illinois 55,422
IL 55,422
Indiana View trend line for Indiana 17,926
IN 17,926
Iowa View trend line for Iowa 6,993
IA 6,993
Kansas View trend line for Kansas 10,378
KS 10,378
Kentucky View trend line for Kentucky 31,210
KY 31,210
Louisiana View trend line for Louisiana 20,402
LA 20,402
Maine View trend line for Maine 1,986
ME 1,986
Maryland View trend line for Maryland 16,554
MD 16,554
Massachusetts View trend line for Massachusetts 17,538
MA 17,538
Michigan View trend line for Michigan 40,845
MI 40,845
Minnesota View trend line for Minnesota 14,343
MN 14,343
Mississippi View trend line for Mississippi 9,680
MS 9,680
Missouri View trend line for Missouri 29,784
MO 29,784
Montana View trend line for Montana 2,640
MT 2,640
Nebraska View trend line for Nebraska 3,485
NE 3,485
Nevada View trend line for Nevada 14,865
NV 14,865
New Hampshire View trend line for New Hampshire 3,276
NH 3,276
New Jersey View trend line for New Jersey 10,303
NJ 10,303
New Mexico View trend line for New Mexico 11,952
NM 11,952
New York View trend line for New York 145,259
NY 145,259
North Carolina View trend line for North Carolina 25,801
NC 25,801
North Dakota View trend line for North Dakota 2,395
ND 2,395
Ohio View trend line for Ohio 28,632
OH 28,632
Oklahoma View trend line for Oklahoma 25,008
OK 25,008
Oregon View trend line for Oregon 21,058
OR 21,058
Pennsylvania View trend line for Pennsylvania 22,765
PA 22,765
Puerto Rico View trend line for Puerto Rico 3,224
PR 3,224
Rhode Island View trend line for Rhode Island 1,020
RI 1,020
South Carolina View trend line for South Carolina 12,809
SC 12,809
South Dakota View trend line for South Dakota 1,926
SD 1,926
Tennessee View trend line for Tennessee 17,272
TN 17,272
Texas View trend line for Texas 111,759
TX 111,759
Utah View trend line for Utah 14,579
UT 14,579
Vermont View trend line for Vermont 1,145
VT 1,145
Virginia View trend line for Virginia 18,486
VA 18,486
Washington View trend line for Washington 32,539
WA 32,539
West Virginia View trend line for West Virginia 7,430
WV 7,430
Wisconsin View trend line for Wisconsin 19,400
WI 19,400
Wyoming View trend line for Wyoming 1,457
WY 1,457

this symbol means not applicable.
- this symbol means data value was not available.
n< this symbol means that the data have been suppressed.
# this symbol means data value rounds to zero.
this symbol means reporting standards not met.
1 Description: The total unduplicated statewide number of homeless students who were enrolled in public schools in local education agencies (LEAs). ; Academic Year: 2013-14; Grade: N/A; Note: The total unduplicated statewide number of homeless students who were enrolled in public schools in local education agencies (LEAs). McKinney-Vento grants support state efforts to provide equal access to free and appropriate public education to homeless students and to gather information about those students and their needs. The full description of the McKinney-Vento program can be found on the Definitions page. Students are considered enrolled if they are attending classes and participating fully in school activities. This number includes homeless students enrolled in both LEAs with and without McKinney-Vento subgrants. A dash (-) indicates that the data are missing or not available. The symbol "n <" indicates that the data has been suppressed due to a small count or complementary suppression has been applied to protect another small count. ; Source: EDFacts/Consolidated State Performance Report, 2013-14:; Data Uploaded On: 06/12/2015