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NAEP Math Percent Proficient and Above, Grade 4 - Asian: 2013-14 1

The percentage of students in fourth grade who scored proficient or above on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in math. [More about...]

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State Sort states in alphabetical ascending orderSort states in alphabetical descending order Value Sort states by data element value in ascending orderSort states by data element value in descending order
National  65
US 65
AL †
Alaska  34
AK 34
AZ †
AR †
California  57
CA 57
CO †
Connecticut  66
CT 66
Delaware  66
DE 66
District of Columbia 
DC †
Florida  68
FL 68
Georgia  67
GA 67
Hawaii  48
HI 48
ID †
Illinois  70
IL 70
IN †
Iowa  49
IA 49
Kansas  57
KS 57
Kentucky  61
KY 61
LA †
ME †
Maryland  70
MD 70
Massachusetts  81
MA 81
Michigan  58
MI 58
Minnesota  47
MN 47
MS †
MO †
MT †
NE †
Nevada  54
NV 54
New Hampshire  69
NH 69
New Jersey  80
NJ 80
New Mexico 
NM †
New York  59
NY 59
North Carolina  67
NC 67
North Dakota 
ND †
OH †
OK †
Oregon  51
OR 51
Pennsylvania  64
PA 64
Puerto Rico  -
PR -
Rhode Island  43
RI 43
South Carolina 
SC †
South Dakota 
SD †
TN †
Texas  82
TX 82
UT †
VT †
Virginia  79
VA 79
Washington  75
WA 75
West Virginia 
WV †
Wisconsin  53
WI 53
WY †

this symbol means not applicable.
- this symbol means data value was not available.
n< this symbol means that the data have been suppressed.
# this symbol means data value rounds to zero.
this symbol means reporting standards not met.
1 Description: The percentage of students, by subgroup, in fourth grade who scored proficient or above on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in math. NAEP reports three levels of performance across grades and subject areas: basic, proficient, and advanced. Students scoring "proficient" are considered to have competency over challenging subject matter, including subject-matter knowledge, application of such knowledge to real-world situations, and analytical skills appropriate to the subject matter. Students who are "advanced" are considered to have superior performance. NAEP, administered by the National Center for Education Statistics, is the only nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various academic subjects. NAEP scores are comparable between states and years. A dash (-) indicates that the data are not available. A “†” symbol means not applicable. A “‡” symbol indicates that the reporting standards were not met. ; Academic Year: 2008-09; Grade: 4; Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress; Tabulation from NAEP Data Explorer, 4/17/2010:; Data Uploaded On: 12/03/2015