Monitored Former Limited English Proficient Students - Reading Results: 2016-17
Description: Percent of former Title III-served limited English proficient (LEP) students enrolled in elementary or secondary schools in the state that participated in the annual state achievement assessment in reading/language arts and scored at or above the proficient level.
Academic Year: 2016-17
Grade: N/A

Note that this data element includes former Title III-served LEP students in the first year of monitoring and those in the second year of monitoring, e.g., the first and second year after exiting a language instruction educational program. Each state is required to administer annual achievement assessments in reading/language arts and mathematics in grades 3-8 and once in high school to determine whether each school and district is making adequate yearly progress (AYP). The tests are designed by each state to measure the content the state has determined appropriate for that grade and subject. Both the content and achievement standards vary widely across states, so proficiency rates cannot be compared across states and years. Additionally, note that this data element consists of state aggregated numbers on the percentage of MFLEP students who scored at the proficient level or above in all tested grades. Results are not broken down by grade level, so are not comparable to state results that are broken out by grade. Note that a child scoring at the "proficient or advanced level" on State achievement assessments in reading/language arts as addressed under Title I, Part A is to be distinguished from scoring "proficient" in English according to the State English language proficiency assessment.

Cells with a dash (-) indicate that the data are not available. The symbols "> 97%" and "< 3%" indicate that the value is higher than 97 percent or less than 3 percent, respectively. A "†" symbol means not applicable.

Source: EDFacts/Consolidated State Performance Report, 2016-17:

Data Uploaded On: 09/20/2018

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