Percent Children with Disabilities: 2015-16
Description: The percentage of students participating in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and designated as special education students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Academic Year: 2015-16
Grade: N/A
Note: An IEP includes (1) a statement of the child’s present levels of education performance, (2) a statement of annual goals, including short-term instructional objectives, (3) a statement of specific education services to be provided and the extent to which the child will be able to participate in regular education programs, (4) a projected date for initiation and anticipated duration of services, and (5) appropriate objectives, criteria, and evaluation procedures and schedules for determining, on at least an annual basis, whether instructional objectives are being achieved. The percentage is based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics' Local Education Agency (School District) Universe Survey. A dash (-) indicates that the data are not available. A # symbol indicates that data rounds to zero. A “‡” symbol is used for NCES and NAEP data to indicate that their reporting standards were not met.
Source: Common Core of Data, Local Education Agency (School District) Universe Survey,

Data Uploaded On: 07/20/2017

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