Percent Proficient on the State Assessment in Science, Elementary School - Asian and Pacific Islander: 2016-17
Description: The percentage of Asian and Pacific Islander students in elementary school who scored proficient or above on the state assessment in science. Due to the variation between states in content, standards, and assessments, it is not possible to compare state assessment data across states.
Academic Year: 2016-17
Grade: N/A

The state-reported percentage of elementary school students, by subgroup, who scored proficient or above on the state assessment in science. Each state is required to administer annual science tests once in grades 3-5, once in grades 6-9, and once in high school. As states are only required to test once in each grade span, grades tested may vary from state to state. The tests are designed by each state to measure the content the state has determined appropriate for that grade and subject.

Both the content and achievement standards vary widely across states, so proficiency rates cannot be compared between states. Cells with a dash (-) indicate that the data are not available. The symbol "n <" indicates that the data have been suppressed due to a small count. Over values that include a ">=" or "<=" have been top and bottom coded. Explanation of the methodology used for top and bottom coding can be found in the FAQs.

Source: EDFacts/Consolidated State Performance Report, 2016-17:

Data Uploaded On: 09/20/2018

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