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Data Download Tool

Steps for downloading the data you need (For more details, go to FAQs)

  1. Use the filters to the left to choose your data of interest (Tip: For File Specification and Data Group filters, hover over titles for more information)
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  3. Once you have selected the data you need, click on the "DOWNLOAD DATA" button to download CSV and data notes. Your data will export immediately.

Note on download size: If the current size of the dataset exceeds 250,000 rows, the Department recommends that you use filters to reduce the size of the file (e.g. select a subset of states) and download the file in batches. A file that exceeds 1 million rows will not download completely.


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Please choose all your filters of interest BEFORE updating the state filter to your state of interest. If you want to download all states in a file after choosing your other filters of interest, choose 'Deselect All' in the state filter. The boxes will remain empty, but all states will be in your dataset.

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School Year State Data Group Data Description Value Denominator Population Subgroup
2021-2022 WYOMING 695, 696 Four-Year Adjusted-Cohort Graduation Rate and Cohort Count 76% 1041 All Students Hispanic/Latino