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CRDC State Files



This page contains information on the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), specifically geared for the development of State and local report cards. The State files are derived directly from the CRDC public-use data file. The school-level data collected in the CRDC are aggregated into State-specific data files and made available to ensure the data reported on State report cards are consistent with the data that OCR makes publicly available and safeguard student privacy, while reducing burden for States.

About the CRDC

The CRDC is a biennial survey of all public schools and school districts in the 50 States, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. It measures factors that impact education equity and opportunity for students, including access to courses, programs, resources, instructional and other staff, and school climate factors such as student discipline. The purpose of the CRDC is to monitor how schools are meeting their responsibility to provide equal educational opportunities to students regardless of race/ethnicity, limited English proficiency, sex, or disability. It is part of OCR’s overall strategy for administering and enforcing civil rights statutes that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, and disability.

Additional information about the CRDC, including a link to download the complete 2017-18 public-use file can be found here.

A note on data quality:

OCR places a high priority on ensuring the accuracy of CRDC data. Information on data quality and privacy protection methodology can be found in the 2017-18 CRDC Data Notes (

Questions or Comments and Additional Information

If you have questions or comments about the CRDC data, please email OCRDATA@ED.GOV.

For more information regarding report cards under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA, please see the U.S. Department of Education’s nonregulatory guidance on this topic.

If you have questions about this website or the State-specific data files, please email

Documentation and Resources

Code Book CRDC 2017-18: Describes the order, data field name, and data field description of the school-level data elements
CRDC User Guide: 2017-18 CRDC public use data file user's guide
Usage Agreement: Describes the requirements data user agrees to comply with by downloading and using the CRDC data

School Year 2017-2018 CRDC State Files

File as of
State File
Alabama CRDC_2017-18_AL.xlsx (7.35 MB)
Alaska CRDC_2017-18_AK.xlsx (2.63 MB)
Arizona CRDC_2017-18_AZ.xlsx (10.51 MB)
Arkansas CRDC_2017-18_AR.xlsx (5.79 MB)
California CRDC_2017-18_CA.xlsx (53.24 MB)
Colorado CRDC_2017-18_CO.xlsx (10.03 MB)
Connecticut CRDC_2017-18_CT.xlsx (6.36 MB)
Delaware CRDC_2017-18_DE.xlsx (1.23 MB)
District Of Columbia CRDC_2017-18_DC.xlsx (1.19 MB)
Florida CRDC_2017-18_FL.xlsx (21.08 MB)
Georgia CRDC_2017-18_GA.xlsx (12.88 MB)
Hawaii CRDC_2017-18_HI.xlsx (1.56 MB)
Idaho CRDC_2017-18_ID.xlsx (3.78 MB)
Illinois CRDC_2017-18_IL.xlsx (21.66 MB)
Indiana CRDC_2017-18_IN.xlsx (9.92 MB)
Iowa CRDC_2017-18_IA.xlsx (7.04 MB)
Kansas CRDC_2017-18_KS.xlsx (7.05 MB)
Kentucky CRDC_2017-18_KY.xlsx (7.35 MB)
Louisiana CRDC_2017-18_LA.xlsx (7.19 MB)
Maine CRDC_2017-18_ME.xlsx (3.02 MB)
Maryland CRDC_2017-18_MD.xlsx (7.49 MB)
Massachusetts CRDC_2017-18_MA.xlsx (9.8 MB)
Michigan CRDC_2017-18_MI.xlsx (18.65 MB)
Minnesota CRDC_2017-18_MN.xlsx (11.61 MB)
Mississippi CRDC_2017-18_MS.xlsx (5.09 MB)
Missouri CRDC_2017-18_MO.xlsx (12.37 MB)
Montana CRDC_2017-18_MT.xlsx (4.22 MB)
Nebraska CRDC_2017-18_NE.xlsx (5.5 MB)
Nevada CRDC_2017-18_NV.xlsx (3.76 MB)
New Hampshire CRDC_2017-18_NH.xlsx (2.57 MB)
New Jersey CRDC_2017-18_NJ.xlsx (13.35 MB)
New Mexico CRDC_2017-18_NM.xlsx (4.54 MB)
New York CRDC_2017-18_NY.xlsx (25.82 MB)
North Carolina CRDC_2017-18_NC.xlsx (14.09 MB)
North Dakota CRDC_2017-18_ND.xlsx (2.49 MB)
Ohio CRDC_2017-18_OH.xlsx (18.85 MB)
Oklahoma CRDC_2017-18_OK.xlsx (9.59 MB)
Oregon CRDC_2017-18_OR.xlsx (6.77 MB)
Pennsylvania CRDC_2017-18_PA.xlsx (15.86 MB)
Puerto Rico CRDC_2017-18_PR.xlsx (5.58 MB)
Rhode Island CRDC_2017-18_RI.xlsx (1.65 MB)
South Carolina CRDC_2017-18_SC.xlsx (6.63 MB)
South Dakota CRDC_2017-18_SD.xlsx (3.58 MB)
Tennessee CRDC_2017-18_TN.xlsx (9.31 MB)
Texas CRDC_2017-18_TX.xlsx (46.24 MB)
Utah CRDC_2017-18_UT.xlsx (5.43 MB)
Vermont CRDC_2017-18_VT.xlsx (1.56 MB)
Virginia CRDC_2017-18_VA.xlsx (10.51 MB)
Washington CRDC_2017-18_WA.xlsx (12.3 MB)
West Virginia CRDC_2017-18_WV.xlsx (3.6 MB)
Wisconsin CRDC_2017-18_WI.xlsx (11.72 MB)
Wyoming CRDC_2017-18_WY.xlsx (1.9 MB)